An Introduction to Doggo Photography

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Do you long to take better photos of your furry models? If the answer is yes, read on.

Yes, you may well end up with muddy knees, your woofer will think you have taken up a new form of yoga and yes, your friends will still refer to you as ‘that crazy dog friend,’ but it will be worth it, trust me!

My Journey in a Nutshell

Almost every day I have to pinch myself. In 2018 I left what some may call a sensible job in Engineering to pursue a dream of photography. After travelling the country, getting sat on by puppies, licked, pee’d on, then opening the studio in 2020 it is safe to say taking the plunge was 100% worth it!

So often I hear the words 'oh wow, mine would never pose like that', what if I shared just a few simple tips that can help you capture better photos? We never leave home without it so this will also help those taking phone shots.

You will learn how to achieve the perfect backlit tail floof, the benefit of getting your chin on the floor, adding depth, camera settings as well as editing and the Holy Grail, head tilts.

Corgi puppy in the Autumn leaves.
Bobo the Corgi pup giving his best head tilt.

Share your Photos

Don’t be shy, either by commenting below or tagging me on Facebook or Instagram. I’m one of those people who smile at just seeing a dog and I would love to be able to help you take better photos, even if you do have thousands already you can never have enough, right?

Thank you for reading, stay safe, and give your floof a belly rub from me.



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