Patience, Angles and Awareness

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Every single paw that steps in front of the camera is different. Do you have a mini Zoolander? Are they more inclined to fold their ears back and retreat with their tail between their legs? It may sound obvious, but if your model doesn’t like the camera, it will show.

Puppies sleeping next to camera
Puppies at ease around the camera.

You’re in a wonderful position as an owner as you can introduce things gradually until they are accepted, in this case, your camera. If they're a little cautious at first, try leaving it lying around, give them a fuss and treat if they have a sniff, they will soon realise only good things come from the camera being out.

*Note, although I have absolutely no boy/girl bias, for blog purposes alone I shall write as through working with a girl.

Check what’s around you and get low.

Always be mindful of your surroundings. I can almost guarantee that you have taken the perfect photo of your sweet girl only to be distracted by an intruding washing line or rubbish bin. Although we will talk about object removal further down the line, it is far easier to take a clear shot in the first instance, plus it saves you work after.

Be conscious of each and every photo you take as if painting a masterpiece, no doubt your girl deserves it so.

Look at what is around you, if you’re greeted with a beautiful photo opportunity check where may be best to take from which minimises distractions. Have her framed by trees, instead of them grow out of her.

Puppy cushion is in my job title!

Many models will see it as an invitation to use you as a cushion but get on the floor. It’s much easier with a phone or camera with a flip screen (mine doesn’t) but get as low as you possibly can. You will change the whole perspective when taking it at their eye level, not only that but you will tell much more of a story with more background in view.

Puppy posing infant of St Pauls.
Behind the scenes.

By shooting from such a low angle I was able to capture two magnificent sights together, Otto and St Pauls.

Using this style of shooting it is also possible to add foreground depth to your shot, even using a phone you can create some beautiful images and with a camera even more so. This will be covered in depth another day as I may tend to waffle on!

Your Challenge.

As mentioned in my previous post, these are intended to help you learn and most importantly, contribute to a better understanding and awareness whilst taking a photo. I would love you to try this and if it helps even one person I call that a success!

Next time you’re out for your girl’s morning walk or she’s taking a nap in their favourite spot, try taking a photo with the camera or your phone resting on the floor. If you’re using a phone, tap the screen between your poochies eyes as this will set the desired focal point.

See how it looks and if you feel brave, send it over or add it to the comments below for feedback.

Currently sitting at my desk, I look out at a scene similar to that of Narnia. Despite the lack of snow in the South East, freezing fog has brought with it an incredible winter wonderland. It does leave me daydreaming, this would make a rather spectacular backdrop for a photoshoot!

Thank you for reading, stay safe, and give your floof a belly rub from me.



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