Puppies, Scream Pillows and Self Composure

The studio cleaned, albeit ready to be destroyed, lighting set-up, batteries charged and camera prepped, tissue, sponges and cleaner to hand, everything is ready then my phone rings. From House of Klee Kai, I eagerly open a message which reads “I have boxes of babies” with a photo attached which would melt even a heart made of granite.


The day was finally here. Was I ready? I would soon find out.

Have you ever been witness to a box of puppies?

You get hit with a wave of emotion and an overwhelming urge to scream. It almost becomes involuntary however I now fully understand how Agnes felt when the Gru won her that unicorn as simply put, they were so fluffy I was gonna die!!

Usually, at the start of every dog photoshoot, I would take time to get to know the models, staying calm and composed at all times. However, being sincerely honest, on this occasion I crumbled.

Turning into a jibbering wreck, I peeked into the boxes to be greeted by 7 wriggling, 4-week old puppies, all ready for their puppy photo shoot.

The next 30 minutes or so went by in a blur. I believe we passed the puppies around, falling for each one in turn before being handed another sleeping ball of cute however I may have passed out and dreamt it all.

Once I pulled myself together, we thought it best at least try and get on with the puppy photoshoot, after all, that is why they drove the 2 ½ hours to get here!

Luckily, 0.02 seconds is just enough to take a photo, sometimes!

There are some exceptions, of course, so let me now introduce you to Sprinkle.

Puppy Photoshoot Raven Imagery
Can you guess which one she is?

As soon as you see Sprinkle, you know she’s a little different. Although technically she is 100% purebred Alaskan Klee Kai, it is quite obvious there is something else in her biological make-up. A little fairy dust here, some candy floss there, with a ‘sprinkle’ of cute marshmallow thrown in for good measure.

She didn’t walk, she bounced, she didn’t lie, she splooted and even when she does nothing, and I mean just sitting doing nothing, she creates an overwhelming urge to scream at her adorableness. It was actually during this puppy photoshoot that I was first made aware of a ‘scream pillow’.

You may have found yourself in a situation whereby you need to vent yet the surroundings simply do not allow, let me introduce you to the scream pillow with brief whilst simple instructions below.


Witness cuteness; a sleepy puppy, baby duckling, Golden Retriever in a yellow rain mac are all worthy causes. Feel the involuntary urge to scream building from within. Before the scream gets out, grip the pillow firmly with both hands, bury face and let it out, scream to your heart's content until the feeling subsides.

Back to Sprinkle. When it came to photographing this little dumpling she just sat, smiled, melted us, oh and then wore a ridiculously oversized bow just because that’s how she rolls.

Just to confirm, every single pay that enters the Raven Imagery dog photography studio I adore, usually falling for them multiple times and asking if they can stay with me. It’s just part of the job I guess. That said, as a mid-30-year old I am not at all ashamed to say I was smitten with the 7 bundles of cute running around the studio that day.

Surprisingly despite the emotional rollercoaster, we did manage to capture a few photos, there were plenty of outtakes, a few accidents and more cute moments that it is possible to detail.

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope it put a little smile on your face, all whilst giving an insight as to why I do this 'job'.


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