- Capturing moments that deserve to last a lifetime -

Investing in a photographer can be an extremely difficult decision, you see their work which always looks incredible yet until you meet them face to face it’s only then that you truly get a feel for how they work. We are in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, however for outdoor shoots I cover the whole of the UK. Due to the unique studio location, we can ensure your furry friend is at ease from the first moment they arrive. 

I take great pride in ensuring the session is both professional whilst remaining relaxed, we never work to strict timescales and if the conversation wanders to the weather then so be it.


So far my work has taken me to so many places it's impossible to list them all, from Universities to Royal parks, to our capital city and beyond and I'm incredibly grateful for every single person, dog or other I meet along the way.


As you’ve made it this far then I already owe you a thank you! To get a true feeling of my work, what is involved in a photoshoot or to pass a moment with a few images which I consider worthy then please have a browse.


Andrew Richardson   -   Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire   -   imagery.raven@gmail.com